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Are you ready to stand in your Power and live the life you want?

A photo of me back in 2021 holding a star so bight, reminding us to keep our feet on on the ground but our eyes on the stars.

'We're all just walking each other home.'                                                ~ Ram Dass

My life's work is to support others in finding their purpose. Being brave and leading with love, integrity and honesty. I accept change and empower others to do the same and be in flow.

Let's journey home together. 

Nodding yes to these questions?

Overwhelmed or burned out?


Are you feeling trapped with indecision?


Struggling with anxiety, insomnia, rocky relationships, or health issues?


Perhaps you've tried all the tricks in the book, yet still find yourself in a vicious cycle?


It's time to transform your life with these powerful tools!

If you're experiencing any of these struggles, it's time to take action and equip yourself with powerful tools to overcome them. Say farewell to fear and self-sabotage, and say hello to confidence and self-worth!

Don't just take my word for it...

I had the most lovely in person Reiki session. So relaxing that I drifted away in a matter of minutes. Post session, we had a little chat and it absolutely matched with what I was feeling in my body. Amazing! - Angie


Hangzhou, China

I had just one Reiki session before Dani’s one and it was without any reactions. So I was kind of sceptical. However, Dani is such a caring and warm person so I wanted to give it a try. I felt very relaxed. It was truly a beautiful and tranquil session, delivered by someone who can make you feel at ease and peace as soon as you enter the room. She checked each of my chakras and after the session explained very well the process. The conversation with Dani helped me to understand a lot of my emotions and feelings. I highly recommend Dani’s sessions. 

- Katarzyna Burza


Reiki sessions with Dani are a must for anyone seeking balance and inner healing. She creates a space that is calm, which instantly puts you at ease. I was anxious about the feedback, and Dani approached this with care, kindness and warmth. I still follow her advice on ways to 'protect my energy'! Thank you, Dani

- Kelly

Hangzhou, China

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