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Choose how to work with me 

We can work together to support your health and well-being goals in many ways. You can work with me 1-1 using a combination of Reiki and Coaching to develop a deeper relationship with yourself and others to solve the root issues. Empower yourself to live your life with clarity, less stress, better sleep and more zest! 


You can purchase oil blends for personal use or gifts. I can guide you in using essential oils in your daily life as a holistic alternative or combined with traditional medicines.

Please take advantage of some of my free resources to help reclaim your energy, calm the mind, get some insights and help you reflect on your level of self-love and care. 


You can read along with some of my journeys because it is a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION.


Explore the drop-down menu and see what stands out for you. I look forward to working together. 

And remember... YOU get to rescue yourself, I am here to help facilitate and support your journey. 

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