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Free Root Chakra Meditation

Ready to unblock those Chakra's! Done feeling ungrounded, unsafe and not enough? This is the start of the next phase, it won't happen overnight and it requires your attention and your patience...but together let's make that change. Use this as often as you like until you feel a shift and then keep going, eventually, it will become part of your daily habits and routines and you will feel lighter, more grounded, safe and most importantly...ENOUGH because YOU ARE MY LOVE!

I am worthy!

Root chakra lotus flower

The Divine Wisdom of Rumi

Enjoy this free 30-minute guided meditation read by Brian Scott. Beautifully recited, thought-provoking and a daily reminder to take joy in each moment, be grateful for everything in life that led us to today and contemplate oneness. A gift passed to me, that I now pass to you!

Rumi quote

My 8-Step Guide To Cord Cutting

Think about all the love and energy you have given away, sometimes without even realising it! Even if your sleeping and eating habits are good, do you still feel exhausted or as if your emotions and feelings don't belong to you?

Reclaim your energy and sever any negative ties to anyone you feel the need to, even if they are still around you, you can protect your energy. You can also purchase the audio guide to go with this for just $4 here

Call that energy back!

candles, sage
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