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Let me introduce you to Dani...

A passionate early years educator who has been steadily climbing the career ladder for the past 10 years, there have been some ups and downs here and there, all part and parcel of being human right? I was doing okay for myself but something was off, I just couldn't seem to find know that missing part. I had my fair share of failed, abusive relationships, a traumatic childhood and some self-inflicted troubles including an unhealthy relationship with food, anyone else?  Check out my blog for more in-depth content. 


Fortunately, along the way, I discovered Reiki and began my healing journey. A few years on I discovered, was that it was inside of me all along, that missing part, that I was endlessly searching for outside...was not OUT THERE! During these transformative years, I felt privileged enough to have been guided towards some amazing authors/healers/guides and you know, call me crazy but they felt like friends - they would be my friends if I had a choice. In 2017 I read this book, The Forty Rules of Love, this was where I was introduced to Rumi! Instantly, I fell in love and became fascinated with his poems and quotes. A few years later, I was given a gift in the shape of an audio file for my birthday at a low point, in 2020. It got me through some lonely, lost and confusing times. I am eternally grateful for that gift, thank you Dr. Sophie.


I have since gone on to share that gift and you can download it here for free too. I hope it brings you the comfort, joy and realisations it gave me. 



Over the years since 2017, Jay Shetty, Brene Brown, Glennon Doyle, Ekhart Tole and Rebecca Campbell, to name a few, you guys gave me knowledge, perspective, hope, awareness, feelings of connection and so much more. I don't know you, I wish I did, I feel like I do, thanks to your vulnerability, willingness to be open and brave enough to share that with the world. More of this, please. 


Through Reiki, Yoga, Essential Oils, Meditation and more, I started to accept myself and slowly, learn to love myself. The good, the bad and the ugly, although none of it is bad or ugly when you really GET IT! Therefore I am now able to extend that loving kindness to others. Whilst I will always be an avid, lifelong learner and value education, keeping a hand in that field, I recognise that we are all multi-dimensional beings and can share our gifts and talents in many ways. So, I hear you, if you are feeling stuck, lost, unsure, confused and in pain, physically and/or mentally. Or you just want a little support in feeling calm, making a big decision and supporting your health goals, I am here to guide you through that process. 

I see you! 

No text, the all seeing eye
A photo of me embrascing my beauty on Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands 2023.
A beautiful, orange and red firey sunset caught over Hin Kong road, Koh Phangan 2023

Well, hello kindred soul!

Supporting educators in Prioritizing their well-being and in turn, thriving both in and out of the classroom!

image of me for relatability to customers
Chakra balancing, books and crystals, including DLC Signature oils.

The concept

90% science-based, 10% Woo-Woo, or is it the other way around?

Welcome to The Divine, Love, Calm (DLC) universe, a unique place where you are encouraged to connect with your authentic self, unlocking the secrets to self-love, peace and honesty. Sounds nice hey? It won't all be sugar and candy, so buckle up because it's about to get real!

The DLC concept incorporates tools such as Coaching, Reiki, Essential Oils, Yoga, Crystals and Sound Healing to help you discover your inner truth and make decisions in your life that help you take back your power. Whether that means spending more time on your hobbies, creating a side hustle, prioritizing your physical and mental health or learning how to speak your truth, these are just some of the benefits of working with me.


The idea behind DLC was born from a long, deeply personal journey of self-discovery, not without its challenges, check out my BLOG to get the nitty-gritty details. Nevertheless, with the help of these powerful tools, we can shift our mindsets and perspectives, opening up new pathways to healing and growth.  

I am excited to stand beside you on this journey as we explore and experience the incredible benefits for your overall well-being. One thing I have learned without a shadow of a doubt, is that there is no "one size fits all". Healing, growth and transformation require a truly holistic and unique approach and it's only recently that I have fully come to understand the meaning of this. By personally embodying these concepts, trial and error...lots of trial and error on my behalf, I accepted that each of us needs to find out what works for us. But a helping hand, someone to listen and show us different perspectives makes all the difference. 


DLC Signature Blends 

My passion for aromatherapy began with my mother, who introduced me to its wonders, always coming up with these 'magical' blends for me and my brother and her friends. Now a qualified aromatherapist and registered member of the CMA to go along with my passion, intuition and gifts, I am sharing my experiences by creating healing blends that ignite joy and promote the connection of mind, body and soul to help you reconnect to your inner, authentic self.


My signature blends were born into the physical world, early in 2022 in the Anji mountains in Zhejiang province, China. It was a beautiful, snowy day as I was sat with a copy of Brene Brown’s, Daring Greatly. Inspiration struck me as if a light had been turned on. These beautiful blends all have a special meaning, story and healing qualities, each one handmade with the energy of Crystals, Reiki and finished with a certified YES from my pendulum.  Check out my BLOG to dig deeper into the unfolding of DLC Signature blends. 

DLC Essential oil blends to purchase
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