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Manifesting Soul Sisters

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

A few days ago I was sitting in a cafe, thinking about how to increase my followers, market my newly launched website and plan my next steps. Let’s be honest, I am an early years educator, or at least that is what I have spent my life studying, preparing for and training in. Yet, here I am, five months into my ‘Divine Sabbatical’ (a term coined with a special friend). But yes, five months into going it alone, no more safety net salary, insurance, bonuses and flight packages…just me and my savings which are now looking a bit worse for wear. I have good days and not-so-good days, like anyone in life, but maybe my root chakra is more off balance than usual, with my security hanging by a thread. (A little dramatic, but where’s the fun in not going there?)

a vegan tahini ice cream cake form the cafe I was writing in
Gorgeous desserts help me write faster, can you believe it?

Anyway, I was about to leave the cafe when I had a quick conversation with a new friend that was so inspiring, I whipped out my laptop and started tapping away ecstatically. Revisiting my previous article about Divine Connections, I have here a perfect example.

Moving to an island and making friends as a 36-year-old woman, who has recently given up drinking and started over on a small island, meaning there are much fewer people than the big city life I was used to. Let me point out here, that this is not a complaint or regret. I love my life and the way I choose to live it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not challenging at times or that I don’t question things. However, what usually ends up happening is that I develop more love and gratitude for the growth and learning, I experience.

Me doing dancer pose on a beach in koh Phangan after completing 200hour  yoga teacher training
The One Yoga beach was perfect for celebrating our teacher training.

I was fortunate enough to have spent a month at One Yoga with a group of 20 beautiful souls, and a team of wonderful staff and teachers that I will be forever grateful for. But after they all left and either continued their travels or returned home there was a huge hole. I felt a little lost, a little lonely and I was sorely missing my routine which had been ingrained for 6 days a week for the past four weeks to nothing. Nothing to do, nowhere to be! I must now find MY routine, and MY purpose to wake up daily and do what I can to make this life, a new way of living. To be honest it’s fucking hard and scary, way harder than I had anticipated.

But this is not a post about that, I will go there another time, this is a post about AMAZING WOMEN! Women who have come into my life, unexpectedly, gracefully and wholeheartedly (although ladies, I believe I was manifesting you the whole time). You must be wondering, how was she able to manifest these beauties??

Well, firstly I made a conscious choice not to do what I usually would…go out drinking and meet someone in the toilets and bond over a cute dress, a fuck boy or lipstick, IFYKYK! This by no means is a judgment on making these kinds of relations, might I add, it has served me many a time in the past. However, I knew if I wanted a different group of friends, women who were doing what I wanted to be doing and behaving in ways I was seeing for this grown version of myself, I needed to call them in.

So I took peace in solitude and embraced it. I am quite comfortable alone and spending time by myself, gosh I can waste hours. However, I get energised and create new ideas when I interact with various people. Recently learning about Human Design and finding out that I am a generator and that is exactly how my blueprint works, was not only fascinating but also felt like I could relax in knowing, that’s how I get the most out of life, for me and in turn to create for others. So it was perfectly ‘normal’ to be feeling a mixed sense of emotions ranging from, ‘Should I go out and get wasted to make some friends because I am bored and lonely’ to ‘You is smart, you is kind, you is important, so instead I told myself, “Dani, you got this, be patient, accept how you feel, breathe and continue on your path.”

I am so proud of myself for prevailing, and I can remember the exact feeling when I met the woman whose connections led me to the reason I am sitting here writing this today. I had started studying Thai, in part for my visa, to learn a new language, more culture and hopefully make some new schoolmates! After a few lessons and one or two small talk chats, I very bravely asked this gorgeous woman, if we could swap numbers and it’s crazy to think it was less than two months ago and it feels like we have known each other for a lifetime. That’s probably because we have, many lifetimes.

Our friendship has blossomed with ease and grace and this very lovely woman has been open and kind enough to bring me into her circle and they have all embraced and welcomed me with pure love. My heart is currently so full right now. And guess what, I do not know them that well, I am soooo looking forward to this friendship and seeing how it unfolds, it has already gifted me so much, but each one of them is successful in their own right, all living and working remotely here in Koh Phangan and generally just being authentic, open and vulnerable… it is fucking beautiful. Excuse my language, I wasn’t going to swear, but then I remembered who I am!

So this led to this conversation where I was checking in after an amazing session I had with one of these lovely ladies to ensure I wasn’t stepping on anyone’s toes and the response was a conversation that added a little extra love to our cups and made our arms go all goosebumpy. What happened was a genuine awareness and acceptance of UNITY and CONNECTION. We know that we each have our way of showing up in this world but there may be times when we overlap or share similar ideas, yet we are mindful of each other and in the end just happy to help and support each other. Now I fully understand the saying, ‘Women need other women who wholeheartedly support each other, no bitchiness, no backstabbing, just love, and support but also open, honest bold conversations.’ Okay, that’s not a direct saying, I sort of made that up but it's derivative from a lifetime of hearing similar things and hot damn is it true. No competition, no awkward feelings just a feeling of ease, even if needed to have deep, vulnerable conversations…ease and grace.

Soul Sisters - you were worth the wait.

On another side note, because it's becoming clear to me that I love side notes…so much to say. I feel very fortunate to have manifested many women in my life whom I have met over the years who have all played a part in my journey and vice versa. Strong, beautiful, kind women who really feel like my soul sisters, and you deserve the world. We may not always talk and some I may not have spoken to for years but you are often in my thoughts and my heart.

Also, this moment comes after just spending 24 hours in Sa

mui with this group and what a whirlwind, many things happened, many goals and dreams were shared, emotions were shown and beautiful lessons were gained. The weekend itself deserves a post of its own but we can save it for another day. But I am in awe of these three kindred souls and to you, the universe, I am so glad I am learning to trust you and surrender, thank you for the signs.

So, you know who you are when you read this, thank you and I already love you.

Tips for calling in your soul family

  • Get to know yourself - what do you want? how do you want to show up in the world?

  • Set your intention - write down what you want and why.

  • Get clear on your desires and your boundaries - make sure you are clear about what you want including conversations/feelings and spaces to be like and stick to it. If a conversation is not serving you, you don't have to stick around for it.

  • Release limiting beliefs - work on letting go of negative thoughts or unworthiness. Self-love needs to come before you can extend or receive that from others.

  • Take action - you have to be brave and do something you haven't done before, go to a new place alone, make the first move... it's a little like dating.

  • Be patient - don't give up or think it won't happen, give yourself time to move into this new version of yourself and call it in.

I'm rooting for you,

Love Dani ✨

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