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Ready to say goodbye to burnout and transform your life?

 I see you and understand the grind, the burnout, the stress, and the overwhelming demands that come with being a leader. 

You are resilient, intelligent and multidimensional.

dare I say...You are more than simply a mum, a teacher, a nurse or a lawyer!

It’s time to remember your place in this world and live in your purpose. We all have our unique gifts and talents that need unveiling, but you already know this right? You empower your children, students, patients and clients to believe and work towards this every day. So ask yourself this question...

Why not do it for yourself too?

I hear you though, it can be overwhelming and scary at times to believe we have more to offer or even consider doing more on top of what you are already doing! I'm sure you are asking yourself, "Is this woman crazy?" Maybe

  But I have been there too, feeling overwhelmed and living with burnout as a result of the conditioned mindset...

 "Just keep going!"

As a result I ended up suffering with my health, which forced me to dig deep and find ways to connect with my authentic self. Through the use of coaches, Reiki, Yoga, and Essential Oils. I can share what I learned with you in support of your journey. 


As a compassionate, but kick-ass guide, I help my clients discover their truths, step into their purpose and heal their relationships with themselves and others to live a more authentic and fulfilled life. A life YOU deserve.

The path to healing begins with you.

Let's Start your journey today.

Ways you can work with me 

Reiki sessions  for stress relief, sleep, anxiety, clarity, decisions and unblocking chakras

1-1 or group coaching programs, short and long term.

Essential oils for sleep, focus, creativity, yoga and more

Reiki training - levels 1 & 2. Usui, Holy Fire and Karuna

Coming soon

Online yoga programs for stress relief, relaxing, pain relief. 

Coming soon
a calm, peaceful environment demonstrating the benefits of my sessions and products

What are my clients saying?

My Reiki healing session with Dani was a real eye opener to the possibilities of spiritual healing. At the time, I was suffering from stress - related pain but after the session I felt renewed and energised. During the session, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Dani provided a very professional and calming space, thank you so much Dani!

- Charley Lou


Dear Dani,

Thank you for introducing me to Reiki. You have created a wonderful space where I felt safe, both physically and emotionally and I could let go! Your energy and care helped guide me through one of the most spiritual moments of my adult life.

- Adina Curca

Hangzhou, China

One of the most profound things Dani helped me realise is that I am enough and I have the power within me to achieve my goals. This was an empowering realization for me, and it has helped me to feel more confident and in control of my life.

After the session, I felt deeply relaxed and alive, even though I was a bit drained. In the days that followed, I noticed that I was finally able to make decisions that I had been struggling with and that my mind felt clearer and more balanced. Overall, I would highly recommend Reiki with Dani to anyone who is looking not only for  deep relaxation but for a healing experience.

- Irina Pinelli

Hangzhou, China

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